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Issue 11 - Contents

  • An invitation to focus on rest and relaxation as key elements of your wellbeing
  • Two new delicious recipes from Marion's kitchen
  • A Joyful June downloadable calendar to remind you that summer is near
  • Wellness at Work videos and Fit from Home ideas to keep you moving and smiling all week long
  • An exclusive interview with author Liz Nugent, brought to you by the Literacy Team
  • An Irish Blessing
  • And much, much more...

Issue 12 - Contents

  • The science of kindness and the many emotional and physiological benefits it can have on you and others,
  • More delicious goodies from Marion's kitchen,
  • How to develop your core muscles, and the benefits of going barefoot
  • An introduction to Geocaching in the Fit from Home Club
  • The theme of empathy through literature
  • Poetry, music and story
  • Gratitude and appreciation
  • And much, much more... 

Issue 13 - Contents

  • How to nurture your wellbeing by developing a sense of place in the geography of your county bounds,
  • The health related benefits of green and blue spaces in your local environment,
  • Outdoor and Adventure activities in your county,
  • Self-reflection and introspection,
  • FOUR delicious summer recipes,
  • Maintaining physical wellbeing by focusing on proprioception and balance,
  • Motivational opportunities to connect and move in Fit from Home,
  • A superb summer suggestion from The Book Nook,
  • Art Therapy,
  • Guided Meditations and Affirmations,
  • And more...


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