The aim of these documents is to highlight the learning that can occur when ICT is constructively used to support learning objectives in the Primary School Curriculum (1999). You can follow the links to websites to

The following documents contain web links to assist in the teaching of the content objectives of the English Curriculum. All links to external sites work from within the embedded documents below. All can be downloaded

Literacy Apps


The strand units of the Aquatics curriculum include:


  • Hygiene

  • Water safety


The strand units of the Outdoor and Adventure curriculum include:


  • Walking
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor Challenges
  • Water based activities (fifth and sixth class


The strand units of the Dance curriculum include:


  • Exploration, creation and performance of dance
  • Understanding

Visual arts activities in the curriculum enable the child to make sense of and express his or her world in visual tangible form. The visual arts curriculum emphasises the importance of both making art and




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