Tánaiste is a one year professional development programme for Newly Appointed Deputy



These 30 minute maths workshops will support teachers with practical resources and



Oral Language


It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children and young people and to do our best to keep them safe.

The Department of


The Physical Education primary school curriculum and the Physical Education teacher guidelines are the key resource for all teachers to support them in implementing a physical education programme in the

Children’s participation in various SPHE activities, both formal and informal provides a flow of information about their progress in the SPHE curriculum. This information is crucial to the teacher’s professional

Children live in an information society and it is essential that they are given opportunities in SPHE to:


  • Access and receive information

There are many ways of promoting discussion with children: in pairs, in small groups or with the whole class. It can be used as an introductory activity where the children identify all the activities associated with

Pictures, photographs and visual images: Pictures, photographs and visual images may be used in a number of different ways in SPHE. Children need to develop skills of discernment and critical


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