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EC and public body funded  STEM projects are requested to create links with Scientix.  Scientix is active both in twitter and Facebook.  Information from projects, events, news, etc. are disseminated via the scientix portal. 

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Scientix in Ireland


The National Conference of Biology Teachers took place in Maynooth University on January 24th 2015. It was a practical day for senior biology teachers. The day was opened by the Director of the PDST Ciara O' Donnell, who introduced the Scientix 2 project. 

A short video of the day is available below.




The first National Scientix Conference took place in Ireland on the 21st and the 22nd of November 2014. Watch the video of the day below. Included is a video of an experiment of the Gerber Test completed on the day with equipment kindly lent from Lee Strand Dairies, Tralee.







Physics Misconceptions Workshops


Physics misconceptions workshops were held in both Limerick and Cork Education Centres in November 2014 and  January 2015 and were very well received. 




Practical Chemistry Workshop


A practical chemistry workshop introducing the new leaving certificate chemistry experiments was held at the 2014 ISTA conference. This workshop proved very popular with delegates and was a great help in starting the discussion on how to introduce the new experiments to students.