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Sensory Analysis



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A comparison of the Leaving Certificate Home Economics exam now and eighty years ago
Access a range of resources on how sugar affects the human brain.  See the News section for more information.
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Useful videos


This video from the Irish Times website illustrates how students should answer a table/pie chart analysis question in the Leaving Certificate Home Economics exam.


Watch a video from the 1950s entitled "Why study Home Economics?" on the Home Economics - Alive section of the website.


Sugar and the human brain


How sugar affects the brain is a TED-ED lesson which can help students learn how sugary drinks and food can be addictive.  It also explores how the body processes sugar.  Teachers and students can register with TED-ED to customise the lesson and answer review questions.  Guided discussion questions are also included.


Another video which explains why many of us crave sugar is available from Untamed Science.  Please note that this video is on YouTube.


Suggestion: After watching the videos at the links above and learning why we crave sugar and what it does to our bodies, encourage your students to examine their personal sugar consumption habits.  Sugar Stacks is a US-based website which is useful to help understand how much sugar is in the food and drinks that many people consume.  


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The Association of Teachers of Home Economics (ATHE) also provide Continuous Professional Development courses, workshops and an annual conference to support post-primary Home Economics teachers in Ireland. PDST collaborate with ATHE.

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