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We are delighted to welcome you to the Senior Cycle English section of our website. Sincere thanks to all teachers, coordinators, local facilitators, associates and advisors who have designed workshops for Senior Cycle English, and contributed to all our resources on the PDST site.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Autumn, 2019: Process Writing Workshop


In Autumn, 2019, Teachers of English were invited to attend an evening workshop, with a focus on ‘Process Writing'. This workshop’s aims were to


  • explore the characteristics of effective writing instruction,
  • examine challenges and opportunities encountered when supporting students in their writing,
  • gain understanding of the process writing approach, as an alternative to the product writing approach,
  • engage actively with a range of methodologies related to developing process writing in the classroom, and
  • to reflect on and enhance one’s practice.


This workshop’s presentation can be accessed at:


2019 “Process Writing” 



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All schools can apply for subject based support. Your management team can request school based support for English by applying on the PDST Post Primary homepage.


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The Irish National Organisation for Teachers of English (INOTE) was established in October 2008 and has 21 branches around the country.  For more information on the Irish National Organisation for Teachers of English, please go to




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