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Our team of dedicated PE Advisors, Associate Presenters and Local Facilitators present workshops locally regularly throughout the year through the Education Centre Network.

These workshops are advertised by the Education Centre Network and on the PDST Twitter page - @PDSTpe

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will take place NATIONWIDE

from 25th February 2019


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PE Workshop - Teaching Gymnastics Skills in PE: Rolling Techniques and Sequencing

Rolling is an important element of the Gymnastics Strand of the PE Curriculum. This two-hour workshop aims to develop teachers' competence and confidence to safely teach a wide variety of rolling techniques and progressions within Gymnastics at all class levels. 


Gymnastics Skill Cards

Rolling is an important element of the Gymnastics strand of the PE curriculum. The PDST Primary PE Team have developed this set of skills cards to support you in safely teaching a wide variety of rolling techniques and progressions within gymnastics at all class levels.

  1. Pencil/Log Roll
  2. Egg/Tuck Roll
  3. Dish/Arched Back Roll
  4. Straddle/Teddybear Roll
  5. James Bond/Shoulder Roll
  6. Wonder Woman Roll
  7. Forward Roll
  8. Backward Roll

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