Let's Talk


Let's Talk - Déanaimid Comhrá


Talk and discussion is a powerful tool to support teaching and learning in the primary classroom. The 'Let's Talk' framework has been developed by the PDST Primary STEM team, to support teachers in advancing their pupils' thinking through the lens of talk and discussion. This framework is based on the instructional framework, which can be found at the beginning of the PDST mathematics manuals. These manuals are free to download here.


This framework will support and develop the pupils' thinking, by promoting rich, meaningful talk and discussion about their ideas and strategies. It is not necessary for teachers to move through the segments in a cyclical fashion. Teachers can move from segment to segment through the central 'Let's Talk' hub, to scaffold meaningful discussion. Each segment can be revisited several times throughout the process. Sample questions have been provided to support teachers, while using the 'Let's Talk' Framework.


The Let's Talk framework is available i nGaeilge and in English, to support and develop the pupils' thinking through the lens of Maths Talk and Science Talk. Sample questions and pdfs of the resources are available at Let's Talk Maths and Let's Talk Science.