Leading Continuity of Learning


The current situation in relation to the COVID 19 virus is a particular challenge for school leaders. Although school contexts are different there are some key themes for school leaders during this time which are brought into focus in the categories below.


  • The PDST Leadership Team has compiled a suite of information and supports that may be useful to school leaders during the current period. These pages can be used to help support and develop the thinking of school leaders at this time and will continue to be developed over the coming period.


  • The PDST Leadership Team advocates a whole school approach to dealing with the current challenges. In particular, in supporting Continuity of Learning, school leaders will need regular engagement with their management team and their staff to be able to support pupils effectively. 


The PDST Leadership Team continues to provide support and guidance to school leaders through this period.

Click the buttons below to access guidance specifically designed to support School Leaders during this time. 





02 April: Guidance on continuity of schooling for primary and post-primary schools


01 April: Important information regarding school administration issues during the current public health emergency


01 April: Minister McHugh announces contingency plans for temporary assignment arrangements for education and training sector staff


26 March: Government confirms continued funding for Schools Meals Programme


25 MarchLetter to principals and teachers regarding continuity of teaching and learning


24 March: Covid-19 Statement from the Department of Education and Skills


All Covid-19 Related Updates are available at www.education.ie/covid19





  • Circular 24/2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Delay Phase Arrangements for Teachers and Special Needs Assistants employed in recognised primary and post primary schools. 


  • Circular 27/2020: Temporary assignment arrangements for certain staff in the education and training sector


All recent Department of Education and Skills circulars are available here. 


The Department of Education and Skills’ NEPS psychologists have developed advice and some resources for young people to manage and stay well when schools are closed. 



NEPS psychologists have developed guidance for parents supporting children to create new routines at home.  Having a Plan for the Day is key for children/young people to manage and stay well at this time.


NEPS psychologists have developed advice for parents and schools on talking to children and young people about Covid-19 here.


  • Schoolwork: Primary school children are usually engaged in ‘active learning’ when they are in school, which means that they move and change tasks frequently throughout the day. Break up the schoolwork routine with physical activities and creative/ enjoyable activities. Look out for emails or messages from your child’s school/teacher. They may be able to provide some helpful support during this time.


  • Sticking to a full schoolwork timetable will not work for everyone. Insisting on one may lead to heightened stress and tension at home, particularly if you have a number of school-going children. Be flexible and sensible. What’s important is that your child makes a good effort each day to complete some schoolwork.


Please note that TeacherCPD.ie have developed a great resource specifically to support teachers in Irish schools that have been closed because of COVID-19.

The course is currently open and available to all teachers and guests.

Closing at 5pm on 26th June, 2020. Study time approximately one hour. Enrolment and certification are not available. A good broadband connection is required.

Link to TeacherCPD.ie https://bit.ly/TeachOnle