Supporting PE Learning at Home





Supporting the continuity of learning in PE at home

Our Primary PDST PE Associates and Local Facilitators have come together to share how they have been supporting continuity of learning in Physical Education. They are teaching all over Ireland in a variety of contexts and class levels. We hope these video clips can help you to promote Physical Education at home while schools are closed and when they re-open. Consider how these examples could be adapted to meet the needs of your school context to complement each pupil's PE experience and to support their wellbeing. 

Video 1 Content Video 2 Content Video 3 Content
  • 1:22 - 3:15: Using Skills Challenges at home to promote P.E.  
  • 3:16 - 12:16: Empowering Creativity at Home through Fundamental Movement Skills 
  • 12:17 - 14:59: Physical and Emotional Wellbeing at Home-A holistic Approach
  • 15:00 - 20:42: Promoting Physical Activity at Home through Active Home Week 
  • 20:43 - 26:50: Supporting the continuity of learning in PE in a girls’ school
  • 1:03 - 4:26: Promoting wellbeing and PE through a Virtual Sports Day

  • 4:27 - 5:53: A Principal’s perspective - Supporting continuity of learning in PE and pupil wellbeing

  • 5:54 - 7:33: Promoting Children’s wellbeing and physical activity in the home through Class Dojo

  • 7:35 - 14:46: Facilitating inclusive learning at home in PE and physical activity

  • 14:47 - 18:09: Facilitating learning in the games and outdoor and adventure strands at home

  • 0.53 - 4.35: Facilitating learning in the outdoor and adventure strand at home

  • 4.40 - 7.28: Promoting wellbeing through outdoor and adventure activities 

  • 07.30-14.40: Dance in the school and community and increasing engagement with PDST beyond the classroom resources 

  • 14. 42 - 16.50: Supporting children's wellbeing in the school community through dance and skill development 


VIDEO: PDST PE Associate Éanna Casey discusses Move Well, Move Often

with Sarah Rowe and Seán O'Brien