Senior Cycle Business - Literacy & Numeracy



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Literacy in Business


The Trinity Immigrant Initiative has produced resources for a wide variety of topics as part of the English Language Support Programme.  There are resources for six out of the seven Business Units.  Click below to access the resources for each unit.


Unit 1: People in Business

Unit 2: Enterprise 

Unit 3: Managing 1

Unit 4: Managing 2

Unit 5: Business in Action

Unit 6: Domestic Environment



Teaching Keywords




Students need to encounter new words up to 17 times before they become part of their everyday vocabulary. Here are 17 ways to ensure students repeat and use keywords often.  Note: although the examples given here are Science based, the methodologies are applicable in all subjects.



Oral Presentations


Student presentations can be an excellent way to improve oral literacy and can provide a structure for students to self assess or peer assess.  Alternatively, the teacher can use it to evaluate the student's presentation.



Websites to Improve Literacy


Puzzlemaker Lots of different types of puzzles to make
Wordlearner Crosswords, wordsearches, bingo, matching and more
Wordsearches Make you own wordsearch
Skillwise Educational website to improve literacy and numeracy in adults
Quizlet Flashcards, Games and Tests
Studystack Flashcards, Matching, Crosswords, Tests, Quizzes
Tagxedo Create your own Word Shape
Mentimeter Gather feedback from students instantly