Subject Leadership

Developing Whole School Approaches To Subject Leadership


The PDST Leadership Team will be facilitating a newly designed, full-day seminar to support schools in developing 

whole school approaches to subject leadership and subject planning. 


The purpose of the day is to:

  • Reflect on the key underlying principles and practices of effective collaboration and planning in subject leadership.

  • Provide opportunities for individual schools to reflect on their priorities and to consider ways of working within their subject departments. It provides practical opportunities to engage with structures which can support a coherent school wide approach. 

  • To share practices and approaches in relation to subject leadership across schools.

The discussion and planning will be applicable to all subject leaders as the focus is on developing a whole-school approach to effective and efficient subject planning, rather than developing an approach within a single subject. 

The three participants from each school will be as follows:

Two subject leaders from any subject area

One member of the Senior Management Team (either principal or deputy)


These events will take place online during April 2021 on the following dates:

April 20th

April 27th 

April 28th

*The programme is supported by substitute cover for both subject leaders for the day.



It is important that schools that wish to participate have three members of staff( two subject leaders and a member of senior management) who are fully able to participate throughout the day. 


Seminar Flyer