Forbairt 2016 -2017 Resources

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Positional Leaders Day 2 Resources

Reflecting and Reporting on the Leadership Journey


Reflecting on Emotional Intelligence


Tools for Gathering and Organising Data


Evaluation Form:

Please click on the link below to access the evaluation for Forbairt Positional Leaders Day 2



Forbairt Residential 2 Resources 


Respectful relationships in the workplace


ALN Updates


SSE- School self-evaluation guidelines 2016-2020

The changing face of school leadership


Sustaining the Leader




Forbairt 1 Residential Resources 


Introduction the the Forbairt Programme 2016 - 2017:


Student–centred learning the critical issues at transition'16


Primary curriculum summary



ESRI Moving Up: ESRI Moving Up.pdf

School Experience Among 13 year olds: School Exp among 13yr olds booklet.pdf

Understanding the Seven Leadership Competencies: Understanding the Seven Leadership Competencies.docx

Forbairt Residential 2 Resources