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Showme Boards

What are "show­me" boards?


Show­me boards are mini whiteboards on which learners can write answers or sketch pictures to answer questions asked by the teacher. They can be filled in in pairs or individually.The boards can then held up to show the answers to other in the class or to the teacher.


They are an effective, engaging and collaborative method of collating information regarding the progress and process of learning. They provide instant feedback. They can be used throughout the lesson at various stages i.e to capture prior knowledge, to guage a response, to recap.


How do you make show­me boards?


Simple show­me boards can be made by laminating plain white paper. A5 size is usually sufficient. Learners will also need access to a dry­wipe marker pen and a cloth to use as an eraser. PDST now supply show me board packs at a reasonable cost. The are blank white on one side and have a grid on the other to facilitate numeracy. The can be ordered through the website home page, click on tab on the top of the page called "Publications".


Tip: some schools put a show me board as the back cover for their school journal.


Resources needed


Show­me boards or laminated paper White Board Markers Wiper (kitchen roll, sponge or baby wipes for when they get dirty after repeated use).


Using show­me boards for assessment


Teachers are provided with instant feedback as to students’ learning based on their displayed answers.