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Welcome to the PDST Senior Cycle Applied Maths page.


Applied Maths is the study of the practical applications of mathematics to real world problems. It uses mathematical models to analyse and solve everyday problems such as calculating the maximum speed of racing cars and determining the quickest route to travel from Cork to Donegal.


It is a constantly evolving subject with new mathematical problems always needing to be solved. The subject develops students' problem solving, analytical and interpretative skills encouraging them to analyse a problem, model potential solutions and communicate an appropriate answer to the problem.


A new specification of Applied Maths will begin nationally for 5th year students in September 2021 with the first cohort of the new course being examined in 2023. This results in a comprehensive CPD program provided to all teachers beginning in January 2021.





The PDST Applied Maths Team offers a range of supports for all schools and teachers. The support can cover a wide variety of areas in teaching, learning and assessment and is available throughout the school year.


All schools can apply for subject based support:  Click for School Support.





Please register with us and we will contact you with details of upcoming CPD workshops, when new resources are available and with other snippets of information that may be of interest to Applied Maths teachers.







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