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Defined as "the capacity to read, understand and critically appreciate various forms of communication including spoken language, printed text, broadcast media, and digital media” (DES, 2011 p.8),  Literacy is one of the most fundamental and crucial facets of education and life-long learning. The literacy link teacher is a facilitator of change for improvement, through the promotion and development of literacy at whole school level.


Below you will find supporting materials to help build capacity in literacy across the curriculum.


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Getting Started
Step 1 - Meeting with Principal Step 2 - Presenting to Staff Step 3 - Meeting with Core Team
Meeting with Principal (Template)

Presenting to Staff (PPT)

Anticipation Exercise
  Presenting to Staff (Script) Jigsaw
    Norms & Protocols



Other Resources



Graphic Organiser

Reflection Template and Circle of Concern

Semantic Map and Peer Teaching

Cooperative and Group Role Cards

Vocabulary Vignettes and Graphic Organiser

Vocabulary Guidelines and Prefixes

Martin Luther Text

Speaking and Listening Checklist

Reading Checklist

Vocabulary Knowledge Checklist

Writing Checklist

Calendar of meetings

Literacy Link Minutes and Agenda Template

Common Greek and Latin Morphemes

Morphemes in Science

Website referred to on the day