MFL Alive Seminar 2015

Spanish & Italian Target Language Session


MFL Alive 2015 is delighted to provide the opportunity for target language teachers to come together to share practice relevant to their particular subject area(s). 


Fostering an Interest and a Passion for the Target Language Country


Motivating students to learn the target language with an emphasis on the importance of cultural awareness is a key element of this workshop.


Presenter Biography


Ellen Barrett is a post-primary teacher in CBS Secondary School in Midleton, Co. Cork.  She has a BA in Italian and History and also a BA in Fine Art. She recently completed her M. Ed with a particular focus on fostering empathy and compassionate action in the classroom. As an associate to the PDST she has delivered LCA in-service training to MFL teachers.





Active Learning in Spanish & Italian


This workshop, facitlitated by Richard and Ellen, considers the integral nature of active learning methodologies in language learning and acquisition. 


Presenter Biography



Richard Egan is a post-primary teacher in Coláiste Choilm, Tullamore, Co. Offaly. He teaches Spanish, History, English and CSPE. He has worked previously with PDST as a facilitator for Student Council support and History support and is currently an associate for Modern Languages. He also works as an advising examiner for CSPE with the SEC. Richard is studying for the M. Ed. in Innovative Teaching & Learning at Maynooth University.