"1) JCSP Numeracy Initiative 2008

A research dimension was built into the JCSP Numeracy Initiative in order to identify and accurately evaluate the progress, achievements, successes (and possible shortcomings) of the JCSP Numeracy Initiative.

To attain a comprehensive and holistic evaluation of the JCSP Numeracy Initiative, a variety of evaluation techniques and methodologies were recommended, utilised and implemented, namely:

Quantitative Assessment
Qualitative Assessment
Epidemiological Assessment

Download full JCSP Numeracy Initiative (2008) research report in PDF format. (click here to download the Acrobat Reader).

2) Paired Maths Initiative 2008

Below is a synopsis of the findings of an Interim Evaluation on the Paired Maths Initiative. Click here to view the full report in PDF Format. (click here to download the Acrobat Reader)

"It was wonderful to see parents taking an interest in their children's work and education."

68% of participating students made progress.

The average improvement achieved by participating JCSP students was + 12.5 months advancement in mathematical age equivalence within the six week timeframe of the initiative.

In one school, 100% of the participating students attained superior scores.
The greatest improvement achieved by any individual student was an advancement of + 5 years and 6 months in mathematical age equivalence within the allocated timeframe

The development of a positive attitudinal change towards mathematical and numerical activities was reported

Teachers reported that the use of experiential age-appropriate resources and games was a success.

Participating teachers were eager to implement a similar initiative again next year.
Furthe iniitiative evaluation reports are available here to download:

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