Flashmaster Maths

Students who have struggled to master their tables might welcome a fresh approach and so might their teachers.

This initiative  introduces a new piece of maths equipment that has been used successfully in the USA for a number of years. The Flashmaster is a handheld device that looks rather like a calculator but does much more. It allows students to practice their maths facts - multiplication tables, division tables, addition tables and subtraction tables - in a fun way. Students can set goals for speed and accuracy at different levels in any of the 4 table areas.

Teachers can monitor and customize the Flashmaster to practise particular skills or revisit special problem areas. The Flashmaster can be set to "remember" the areas that cause difficulty. With a class set a Tables Challenge or Maths Facts Challenge could be set once students have gained confidence in using the Flashmaster. The Flashmaster device records the student's progress and class record sheets are also available  for tracking class progres .