There are two kinds of allocation for schools participating in the JCSP. One, detailed in Circular M44/00, gives a percentage of a teacher to each school to facilitate the co-ordination of the Programme and teacher meeting times. The other is a capitation allowance given once during Junior Cycle.

  • Circular M44/00
    The DES Circular M44/00, Expansion of the Junior Certificate School Programme and Improved Teacher Resources to apply from 2000/01, is available here.
  • Guidelines to accompany M44/00
    This document from the Support Service outlines how Circular M44/00 can be implemented to provide co-ordination time and team meeting time for the JCSP team.
  • Suggestions for Timetabling Team Meetings
    The key to running the JCSP most effectively in schools is when the JCSP teaching team has the appropriate time to meet. During this time planning and profiling responsibilities can be met. Schools have adopted various approaches to making time available for meetings. These are listed here.