The Year Plan of Meetings is an outline of the meeting requirements with regard to running the JCSP successfully in a school. It includes reminders of other important activities.

The information here is designed to help new co-ordinators in their first term and has reminders about the important Programme activities to keep in mind from September to Christmas.

Implementating The Student Profile System
Year Plan of Meetings

  • September – Early
    • Early Programme Information or Updates input to whole staff meeting
  • September – Mid
    • Induction Meeting – for teaching team
    • Information Meeting – for parents
  • October – Early
    • Individual Teacher Planning
    • Teachers assess needs and select possible statements
  • October – Mid
    • Planning Meeting
    • JCSP team agree statements
  • October – Late
    • Co-Ordinator – Disseminates selected statements to team of teachers
    • Teachers – Identify specific learning targets from agreed statements
    • Students – Distribute agreed list of statements to students for their folders
  • December – Early
    • Profile Meeting 1
    • Progress relayed to students
  • February
    • Profile Meeting 2
    • Progress relayed to students
    • References – Compiling 3rd year student references is begun
  • March
    • References – Compilation of 3rd year student references
  • May – Early
    • Early Profile Meeting 3
    • Note: Final profile meeting if in 3rd year
  • May/Early June
    • Presentation Ceremony for 3rd years
Getting Started with JCSP
1st Term for New Co-ordinators

The following is a list of the main areas that need to be addressed by new co-ordinators during the first term.

  1. Select (approx. 15) students, who would benefit from taking part in the JCSP. The target group for the Programme is potential early school leavers. Linking with the Stay in School Retention Initiative / School Completion Initiative Co-ordinator and Primary Feeder schools can be extremely useful in selecting students for the programme.
  2. Introduce the Programme to the Whole Staff during the first term. Members of the Support Service are available to provide this input if required.
  3. Establish a small teaching team. It is very beneficial to have teachers teaching more than one subject to theJCSP class group. The class tutor and JCSP co-ordinator should also have adequate class contact.
  4. Introduce the Programme to the teaching team. Each subject teacher needs to be aware of how they will operate the profiling system in their classrooms. Again, members of the Support Service are available to provide this input.
  5. Give Subject Statement Booklets to teachers on the team
  6. Ask teachers on the team to choose appropriate statements for their subject areas. Cross-curricular statements can be chosen at the teachers’ planning meeting. Remember to devise a suitable curriculum to meet the needs of the students. Priority should be given to consolidating basic skills in every subject and to developing personal and social skills.
  7. Buy Student Folders and a Box to put them in. Decide where they will be stored and how they are going to be accessed.
  8. Buy a camera.
  9. Introduce Programme to parents. Information leaflets are available.
  10. Introduce Programme to students.
  11. Plan Calendar of meetings with principal. An effective arrangement is when a core group of teachers are timetabled to meet each week. Meetings that will be required are:
    • Planning Meeting – October
    • Profile meeting – December
    • Profile meeting – February
    • Profile meeting – April / May

    The time for these meetings should be at least one double period per class group.

  12. Prepare for the planning meeting. Prepare and distribute an agenda. The purpose of this meeting is to:
    • Agree a small number of statements including cross-curricular statements that would benefit and address the needs of students.
    • Explain the student folder system
    • Consider structures for feedback
  13. After the planning meeting photocopy the agreed statements and give a copy of the set of statements to each teacher. In addition, put a set of statements into each student’s folder. Inserts, timetable and name stickers are available for students.
  14. Organize a JCSP notice board in the staff room.
  15. Prepare for December profiling meeting. Prepare and distribute the agenda. Prepare the Master Student Record Cards.
  16. Hold December profile meeting to establish and record the progress of students. Discuss how and when feedback is to be given to students.
  17. The co-ordinator and teaching team give feedback from the profile meeting to students.
  18. Hold a Christmas celebration or ceremony to acknowledge student achievements to date. Invitations to this ceremony could be extended to parents / guardians, and the whole school staff.

Enjoy the Christmas holidays!
Your first term as co-ordinator is completed.
Well done!
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