Literacy in Your Classroom

This initiative is in place to support subject teachers who want to incorporate some literacy strategies into their classroom.

These strategies include the following:

  • Fluency exercises
  • Keywords
  • KWL
  • Anticipation Charts
  • DARTS (Directed Activities Related to Texts) such as - Cloze Exercises; Prediction; Sequencing; Labelling Text Exercises; Classification; Odd Man Out; Labelling Diagrams etc.
  • Writing Frames
  • Key Spelling Strategy
  • Use of Graphic Organisers/Mind Mapping/Study Skills
  • Reading Srategies such as SQ3R/Skim/Scan
  • Time for Reading

The subvention is available to purchase additional materials to support the implementation of such strategies with JCSP students and to plot the impact of this strategy on literacy improvement in your subject as well as to celebrate the success of the initiative with the JCSP students.