Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge is a short-term reading intervention, developed by a JCSP school co-ordinator. Students are challenged to read a book a week for six weeks. Parental involvement is an element of this intervention. The Reading Challenge motivates students to read and review books; they also track their reading and are awarded for successfully meeting the reading challenge. The following support materials are provided to schools:

• “Reading Challenge” Teacher Guidelines
• Students book review “Reading Challenge” Booklet
• Reading Challenge student achievement certificate
• Reading Challenge bookmarks
• Reading Challenge wall poster

Students are afforded the opportunity to to complete statements CC 52 and 54 in conjunction with this initiative.

Many schools particpate in the research element to this initiative. The can include a longitudinal  dimension  in which schools  select a cohort of first year JCSP students to participate in this initiative, they pre and post test and also maintain a project journal throughout the duration of the initiative. These students can then be re-tested in second year and third year, to determine if the anticipated advancement in reading ages, as a result of the students’ involvement in this initiative, is retained throughout the students’ junior cycle years.

As with all initiatives schools are required to evalaute the activities undertaken in the running of the initiative and are also invited to upload any relevant photographs.