Author in Residence

This programme focuses particularly on the development of creative writing skills as an author works for a period of time with a group of JCSP students. The aim is to produce a piece of work that could then be exhibited as part of Make a Book.

Participating schools can link with the Poetry Ireland 'Writers in Residencies' Scheme. The scheme is based on the idea of a short residency by a writer in a school, working closely with one teacher and with the same JCSP class or group of students. Many projects have a strong local flavour, as many schools find that working with a local writer makes the activity very relelvant to the students. The thinking behind these residencies is the taking of a more developmental approach towards the teaching of literature and the development of approaches that enable the participants to explore the world of imagination over a longer period of time, in the company of an experienced writer. The participation of a key teacher and the development of a working alliance between the teacher and writer are fundamental to this initiative.

As with all initiatives schools are required to evalaute the activities undertaken in the running of the initiative and are also invited to upload any relevant photographs.

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