Who Wants to be a Word Millionaire?

This is a short-term reading intervention which challenges a class group of JCSP students to engage in recreational reading, at home with the support of their parents, and to collectively read a total of one million words over a six-week period.

The following support materials are provided to schools:

  •   'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' Teacher Guidelines
  •   'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' achievement certificates 
  •   'Who Wants to be Word Millionaire?' wall charts for entering and tracking the cumulative totals of  words read to date.

Students are afforded an opportunity to complete statements CC 53 and 54 in conjunction with this initiative.

Click on the link to download the 'Who Wants to be a Word Millionaire ?' Initiative Evaluation Report. Please also consullt your copy of Time to Read, a JCSP publication for titles of popular teenage literature.

As with all initiatives schools are required to evalaute the activities undertaken in the running of the initiative and are also invited to upload any relevant photographs.