Creative Dance

Creative Dance

When creating dance, the child develops movements which express and communicate ideas and feelings.

Children should have opportunities to explore and develop an idea in progressive stages, allowing time to practice, discuss and refine their movements.

Creative dance encourages children to acquire simple technical and performing skills, focusing on the expressive qualities of movement. The emphasis should be on enjoyment and developing positive attitudes to dance, thus creating an environment where children feel confident to experiment with ideas and to perform the dances which they create.

The approaches and methodologies for PE, outlined in the PE ‘Teacher Guidelines’ on pages 42 -100 are an excellent reference for teachers in organising creative dance lessons.

Integration of Dance with other subjects is outlined on p48

The principles of movement required by children to dance are outlined on pp 66-67

A sample creative dance lesson for Infants is outlined on p68

A sample creative dance lesson for fifth and sixth classes is outlined on p69

A unit of work in creative dance outlining a six week programme of work for third and fourth classes is outlined on pp 72-73

In addition the PSSI lessons on Dance for all class levels are an excellent resource for teachers and outline a comprehensive programme of work specific to each class lesson incorporating a variety of approaches and methodologies across the class levels.


Please find attached further resources to support you in implementing creative dance:


  • Creative dance introductory lesson: This handout outlines an introductory lesson to creative dance, suitable for middle and senior classes. The theme for the lesson is ‘moving body parts’.

  • Creative Dance: This handout outlines how the ‘body jive; might be developed with classes leading to the development of a body dance

  • Lámha Suas: This magazine. Published by the Primary Curriculum Support Programme outlines a series of seven creative dance lessons, using the story of the rainbow as a stimulus While the specified curriculum objectives are for fifth and sixth classes the activities may be done with children of all ages.