Supporting Wellbeing


Directory of CPD and online resources (here)


Within the context of supporting the wellbeing of school communities, Department services will work with schools over the coming academic year in phases as follows:

  • Phase 1: School reopening to Hallowe’en

  • Phase 2: Hallowe’en to end of December 2020

  • Phase 3: January 2021 to end of academic year


PHASE 1 - Directory of CPD and online resources 


  • Directory of Wellbeing CPD and Support for Primary Schools in Returning and Settling into School (here)

  • Directory of Online Support for Primary Schools in Returning and Settling into School (here)

  • Directory of Wellbeing Supports and Online Resources for Primary School Parents on the Return and Settling into School (here)


These directories and catalogues of online supports outline wellbeing CPD and provision for post primary schools, primary / special schools and parents during phase 1. This information will be updated as we move to phase 2 and are subject to change.


NEPS have created a suite of resources for parents, teachers and school staff. These resources are available here. 


Supporting the wellbeing of the school leader


  • Maintain and develop existing leadership team networks within the school

  • Maintain contact with existing teacher leader networks outside the school, including IPPN and locally based networks

  • Keep a monitor on work/life balance. 

  • Practice simple actions each day to maintain and improve your mental health. Ideas (here)


Supporting the wellbeing of staff


  • Celebrate small steps; acknowledge and affirm good practice in a challenging situation

  • Provide confidential communication lines to staff to allow them to communicate with school leadership if necessary

  • Consider the benefits of formal and informal communications with staff. 

  • Make staff aware of the supports available to them, including the EAS here

  • Use the Teacher Wellbeing section of the PDST site here as a guide and support


Supporting wellbeing amongst the school community


  • Consider the capacity of the school to provide clarity of message and to amplify national messages at a local level that support the wellbeing of the community.

  • Acknowledge the support of the community.