LBJ and Vietnam - LC History Workshops

Leaving Certificate Workshops for teachers of Leaving Certificate History (later modern field of study) are taking place during November and December for the Case Study: "Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, 1963-1968". These workshops are for teachers teaching the topic prescribed for the Documents-based Study in the 2020 and 2021 examinations - “The United States and the world, 1945-1989”. 


Case Study: Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, 1963-1968


Developing the ability to think critically by exploring causation with students


Workshop aims:


  • to assist teachers in preparing their students for the demands of the documents-based question on the prescribed topic. 
  • to reflect the syllabus focus on enquiry and evidence and will explore some of the means by which critical thinking skills are developed in the history classroom, through a focus on the impact of the Vietnam War on the Johnson presidency. 
  • to explore the application to the case study of two approaches discussed in the Guidelines for Teachers viz. the enquiry-focused approach, and the use of critical skills exercises that involve group discussion and judgement-forming. 
  • to bring into sharper focus the manner in which the war became, in a sense, “Johnson’s war’ and the implications of this for his presidency overall.


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