Junior Cycle - English


Key Skills





Developing approaches to learning and teaching in the first year English classroom


Alec Mac Alister of the English Support Service has uploaded these two documents which he has used in the Modular Course on Learning and Teaching in the First Year English Classroom.

The first is the 'SMOG Readability Grading Process' (the short version) which can be used as a useful check for a general indication of the readabilitiy of any piece of text in English.  This is not a test for reading age.  

The full article can be accessed at 

http://www.harrymclaughlin.com/SMOG_Readability_Formula_G._Harry_McLaughlin_(1969).pdfPDF File

SMOG_TEST.docWord File


The second is an editable Word Document: 'Talk about yourself as a learner of English' to help pupils assess themselves as learners as an aid to teachers in all settings but particularly so inmixed ability environments.

 First_year_learning_ASK.docWord File


The following methodoligies can be used for implementing key skills:


Graphic Organisers

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

What is a concrete model/graphic organiser?

A concrete model/graphic organiser is usually a one page form with blank areas for the student to fill in ideas and information.  Some organisers are very specific while others can be used with many topics.    Read more

Graphic Organisers for Teaching and Learning

Blank Graphic Organisers for class use (with some samples)


Little Book Methodology

The Little Book Methodology is a way of getting students to learn small pieces of information (e.g. definitions) by teaching each other. 

How to create and use the Little Book

Powerpoint for demonstrating the Little Book to students


Links to Web 2.0 Tools for Creating Resources
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