School based resources

Scroll to the bottom of this page to download and print the following useful materials:
  1. Child Protection Seminar Information Booklet
  • Helpline Numbers
  • Sample Recording Sheet
  • Monitoring Suggestions
  • Sample Letter to Parents/Carers
  • Sample Action Plan for completion following child protection policy review
  • Checklist for attendance at Child Protection Conference (with Tusla)
  • School information for visiting, new and substitute teachers
  • DLP and DDLP notice for display in a prominent position in the school


  1. Child Protection Procedures (DES)
  • Child Protection Policy Template - Appendix 1 DES Procedures
  • Checklist for Annual Review of the Child Protection Policy - Appendix 2 DES Procedures
  • Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse - Appendix 3 DES Procedures
  • Standard Reporting Form - Appendix 4 DES Procedures


  1. Reflection Booklet for attendees at Child Protection Seminar (PDST)


  1. Circular 65.2011 - Child Protection 


  1. Children First Guidelines



Click here to use a narrated presentation to support you in disseminating key information to school staff on the Children First national guidelines and DES Child Protection Procedures.