Online SSE course

From Oct 5th

Introduction to School Self-Evaluation for Teaching and Learning (Post-Primary)


This 2 hour interactive online course provides you with an introduction to School Self-Evaluation (SSE) for Teaching and Learning. Through a series of interactive guides, this course explores the benefits of SSE for teaching and learning and provides a step by step interactive guide on how to implement the Six step process for teaching and learning in your school or classroom. It is suitable for all school leaders and teachers who wish to revisit the key messages and requirements of SSE, newly qualified teachers or those newly appointed to leadership positions in schools.  


The course will enable participants to:


  •  understand the meaning of the term School Self-Evaluation;
  • understand the benefits of School Self-Evaluation;
  • understand the roles and responsibilities of members of the school community towards the implementation of School Self-Evaluation;
  • describe the six step process for School Self-Evaluation;
  • understand the themes and sub themes for School Self-Evaluation (Teaching and Learning);
  • understand how to use evaluation criteria and quality statements to form judgements on a particular aspect of teaching and learning.


Full course details can be found at this link