Assessment in Physical Education

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process in physical education, as in other areas of the curriculum. Assessment issues should be considered at school level, and the following areas should inform such discussion:

  • the curriculum identifies the roles in assessment on pp68-74
  • the curriculum advises that a variety of forms of assessment be used to ensure that a full range of abilities in physical education is assessed and to allow for individual learning styles. The forms of assessment recommended are: teacher observation, teacher designed tasks and curriculum profiles.
  • if assessment is to complement the teaching of physical education, it should provide useful information without impinging on valuable teaching time.
  • a common understanding of the language used in the recording of assessment will be necessary to ensure consistency throughout the school
  • the assessment tools recommended in the curriculum, which are selected for use by the school will provide information on a child’s progress and achievement and will provide the basis for communication with other teachers, parents and others in the educational community.


Assessment of Fundamental Movement Skills

A wide range of assessment templates for Fundamental Movement Skills is available by clicking on the link below: