Workshop Schedule


PDST would like to invite teachers to attend a two hour workshop taking place in Education Centres around the country.  

The workshop is a follow-up from our introductory information session that took place in May and the Autumn workshop last term. This workshop will primarily focus on sharing practice between teachers. We will also focus on ways of capturing your school's Wellread journey.  

Education Centre Date Time
Wexford EC 3rd February 2016 5-7pm
Cork EC 11th February 2016 5-7pm
Dublin West EC 8th February 2016 5-7pm
Carrick-on-Shannon EC 11th February 2016 5-7pm
Limerick EC 24th February 2016 5-7pm
Athlone EC 25th January 2016 5-7pm
Drumcondra EC 9th February 2016 5-7pm
Donegal EC 11th February 2016  7-9pm
Blackrock EC 4th February 2016 5-7pm
Registration for these workshops can be completed by contacting the above host centres.