Gymnastics seeks to provide a context for aesthetic experience and the opportunity to develop personally, socially, and physically through participation in gymnastics in a safe and enjoyable environment. In this activity the student aims to develop body management and awareness through movement, with a focus on precision and form. This latter emphasis distinguishes the learning in gymnastics from that in the majority of other physical education activity areas.

Junior Cycle Physical Education (JCPE) - Syllabus 


Gymnastics Syllabus

Teaching Resources


Level 1


Travelling Tasks                                                          Travelling Over Equipment Tasks


Travelling Over Large Equipment Tasks                                   Balancing Weight Tasks


Balancing Weight on Equipment Tasks                               Weight Transference Tasks


Weight Transference Over Large Equipment Tasks           Warm Up/Cool Down Tasks


The Forward Roll                                                                              The Backward Roll


The Headstand                                                                                       The Handstand


The Cartwheel                                                                                                   Jumping



Level 2


Symmetry and Asymmetry Tasks                                Symmetry and Asymmetry Cont..


Rotation Tasks                                                             Rotation using Equipment Tasks


Sequencing Task Card 1                                                          Sequencing Task Card 2


Sequencing Task Card 3                                                          Sequencing Task Card 4



Planning and Assessment


Additional Resources