Through participation in a variety of games in a safe and enjoyable environment, students will be presented with the opportunity to develop personally, socially, and physically. The teaching of skills and technique is given less priority than the development of tactical awareness through the exploration of principles of play. Skill acquisition is seen in the context of the student’s involvement in the game situation and of enabling her/him to make appropriate decisions based on their evolving level tactical awareness.


Junior Cycle Physical Education (JCPE) - Syllabus 


Games Syllabus


Teaching Resources


Level 1


Game Making Lesson 1                                                   Game Making Lesson 2


Invasion Games Lesson 1 (a)                                          Invasion Games Lesson 1 (b)


Invasion Games Lesson 2 (a)                                          Invasion Games Lesson 2 (b)


Invasion Games Lesson 3 (a)                                          Invasion Games Lesson 3 (b)


Invasion Games Lesson 4 (a)                                          Invasion Games Lesson 4 (b)


Invasion Games Lesson 4 (c)                                          Invasion Games Lesson 4 (d)


Level 2


Net Games - Badminton


Badminton Lesson 1                                                        Badminton Lesson 2


Badminton Lesson 3                                                        Badminton Lesson 4


Badminton Lesson 5                                                        Badminton Lesson 6


Field Games - Gaelic Football


Gaelic Football Lesson 1                                                 Gaelic Football Lesson 2


Gaelic Football Lesson 3                                                 Gaelic Football Lesson 4


Gaelic Football Lesson 5                                                 Gaelic Football Lesson 6


Gaelic Football Resource 1                                             Gaelic Football Resource 2


Gaelic Football Resource 3                                             Gaelic Football Resource 4


Gaelic Football Resource 5


Field Games - Soccer


Soccer Lesson 1                                                               Soccer Lesson 2


Soccer Lesson 3                                                               Soccer Lesson 4


Soccer Lesson 5                                                               Soccer Lesson 6



Planning and Assessment