Adventure Activities





Adventure activities provide students with the opportunity to develop personally, socially, and physically in a safe and challenging environment. Presenting the student with an element of adventure and challenge in a controlled environment can lead to the development of qualities such as self-reliance, selfconfidence, responsibility, regard for others and respect for the environment. In this way, aspects of holistic development that are generally not emphasised in other areas of physical education can be addressed.

Junior Cycle Physical Education (JCPE) - Syllabus 


Adventure Activities Syllabus

Teaching Resources


Level 1


Outdoor Adventure Class 1 Lesson Plan             Outdoor Adventure Class 1 Resource


Outdoor Adventure Class 2 Lesson Plan


Outdoor Adventure Class 3 Lesson Plan             Outdoor Adventure Class 3 Resource


Outdoor Adventure Class 4 Lesson Plan             Outdoor Adventure Class 4 (a) Resource

                                                                             Outdoor Adventure Class 4 (b) Resource


Outdoor Adventure Class 5 Lesson Plan             Outdoor Adventure Class 5 Resource


Outdoor Adventure Class 6 Lesson Plan             Outdoor Adventure Class 6 Resource


Level 2




Campcraft  Class Activity 1                                  Campcraft  Class Activity 2


Campcraft  Class Activity 3                                  Campcraft  Class Activity 4


Campcraft  Class Activity 5


Campcraft Resource 1                                          Campcraft Resource 2


Campcraft Resource 3                                          Campcraft Resource 4


Campcraft Resource 5                                          Campcraft Resource 6


Campcraft Resource 7




Orienteering Lesson 1                                           Orienteering Lesson 2


Orienteering Lesson 3                                           Orienteering Lesson 4


Orienteering Lesson 5


Team Challenges


Teacher Guidelines 1                                            Student Task Card 1 (a)

                                                                              Student Task Card 1 (b)


Teacher Guidelines 2                                            Student Task Card 2 (a)

                                                                              Student Task Card 2 (b)


Teacher Guidelines 3                                            Student Task Card 3


Teacher Guidelines 4                                            Student Task Card 4


Teacher Guidelines 5                                            Student Task Card 5


Teacher Guidelines 6                                            Student Task Card 6


Teacher Guidelines 7     Student Task Card 7      Activity Solutions 7


Teacher Guidelines 8                                            Student Task Card 8


Teacher Guidelines 9                                            Student Task Card 9