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Face to Face


Invite Scientix to provide presentations during project’s events, workshops, conferences (e.g. 20 minute slot to present Scientix). Scientix is able to cover its presenter’s travel and subsistence.




Disseminate through project’s channels (social media, newsletters, email lists…) news coming from Scientix social media, Scientix digest, newsletters, emails, etc. when appropriate.


Benefit for projects: Provide up to date, latest news on Science education to the project’s partners’ and followers.







Host a Scientix teachers’ panel workshop


Scientix is always looking for hosts for its teachers’ panel workshops taking place at different times of the year (during weekends).


For each of these workshops, Scientix covers the following costs:

           Flights of all teachers to the workshop location
           Hotel for all teachers
           Dinners on Friday and Saturday
           Lunches on Saturday and Sunday

The programme is usually:

           Saturday: 9 to 17h (~6.5h of "work/workshops")
           Sunday: 9 to 13h (~3.5h of "work/workshops")


The hosting organization / project would offer the venue (one room for up to 35 participants, internet for all participants and beamer) and can contribute to the programme. Scientix needs half of the programme (~5 hours) for Scientix specific content, the rest can be workshops planned by the hosting organization related to STEM education. These teachers’ workshops can be organized in collaboration with other conferences of events taking place at the same time.


The participating teachers are highly-motivated STEM teachers with experience in dissemination, research (some of them), from primary / secondary schools from across Europe.


Benefit for projects: Increasing the project’s dissemination and accessing highly-motivated STEM teachers; possibility to involve teachers in own projects.


Other workshops


Projects are also welcome to offer slots in their programmes to carry out Scientix workshops at their own events (see Teacher Training  Scientix workshops  Scientix workshops at other events) and to host and co-organize Scientix networking events for STEM education projects (see Management section).


Benefit for projects: carry out project’s agenda with larger dissemination and support.





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