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Projects, News, Events, Resources


The portal collects information on all public funded projects (by public funded projects we refer to projects which are partially or fully public funded. These projects might benefit from some private funding as well, as long as overall they are not regarded as belonging to any company), including basic information for policy makers, researchers and teachers. Link is provided to the project’s website and once the project is included in the Scientix portal, the project can publish news, events and any resource (teaching materials, reports, online training) in the portal, and can benefit from all other Scientix services.

Benefits for projects: dissemination to teachers, policy makers and researchers easy, quick and for free.


Scientix conference


The 2nd Scientix Conference took place  from the 24 – 26 October 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. Over 550 teachers, policymakers, researchers and project managers attended. 21 teachers from Ireland participated. It  was  one of the major networking events in STEM education in Europe.




The Scientix quarterly newsletter delivers original articles on innovation in STEM education policy, research and practice. It brings the latest news from science education projects and from the Scientix community, and follows the development of European and national policies and initiatives. Each issue focuses on selected topics in science education and highlights presents related materials and activities. The newsletter is only available in English.


Projects with topics related to each newsletter’s theme will be features. For example, the May 2014 newsletter focused on nanotechnology and EC-funded projects on nanotechnology were funded.


Benefits for projects: in-depth dissemination to teachers, policy makers and researchers


Social media: twitter, Facebook


Scientix is active both in twitter and Facebook. Information from projects, events, news, etc. are disseminated via both of them regularly and quickly.
Scientix and other projects / proposals

Benefits for projects: regular and quick on-line dissemination to teachers, policy makers and researchers




Teacher  Training


Scientix workshops


Scientix organizes two types of workshops: 1) Science projects workshop in the Future Classroom Lab and 2) Scientix workshops at other events.


1) Science projects workshop in the Future Classroom Lab


The Future Classroom Lab (FCL), an independent project of EUN and based at EUN, provides a platform where policy makers can rethink their ICT strategies and where teachers, head teachers and ICT advisers can experiment with innovative pedagogical approaches within flexible learning environments. It provides both a large reconfigurable space equipped with state-of-the-art technology plus a room designed as an interactive classroom to illustrate how a traditional classroom setting can use technology to enhance interactivity and student participation.


Science weekend events in the FCL are being organised under the “Scientix projects workshop in the Future Classroom Lab” umbrella. These events aim to both train teachers in the use of technologies in the classroom in association with materials and pedagogies from STEM projects, and at the same time encourage science education projects to work together. These macro workshops last 1.5 days (usually starting with a networking dinner on Friday and finishing with lunch on Sunday).


Public funded project (whether still running or already finished), included in the Scientix portal, are welcome to request slots in the programme to carry out workshops during Scientix projects workshop in the Future Classroom Lab. These workshops can last between 45 minutes and 1.5 h and Scientix guarantees between 10 and 20 participants per project-workshop. Please note Scientix will cover the meals of guest workshop leaders, but travel and accommodation are at the presenters’ own expenses. In addition to the workshop, all presenters will get a 10’ slot to present the projects to all participants (~30) during the plenary sessions.


Benefits for projects: access to the innovative Future Classroom Lab of European Schoolnet (good to test resources and pedagogy created in the project) and face to face dissemination teachers and heads of schools from across Europe.


2) Scientix workshops at other events.


Scientix workshops are continually taking place in different locations in Europe within the context of events organized by other projects or organizations.


The aim of these workshops is to either present Scientix services to teachers, project managers or other relevant science education actors or to serve as facilitators to the presentation of other science education projects.


Projects are invited to contribute to these workshops. E.g. in a Scientix workshop on Responsible Research and Innovation, projects dealing with RRI would be able to join and contribute.


Scientix and other projects / proposals

Benefits for projects: collaborate with other similar projects and contribute to discussions in their specific fields.


Moodle platform


The Scientix Moodle platform offers online training for teachers on different topics from specific STEM issues to ICT tools to improve STEM classes. These courses last between a couple of hours to a day and are permanently open.


Projects are welcome to use the Scientix Moodle platform for their own courses and this way get further dissemination than by creating new independent Moodle platforms.


Benefits for projects: avoid having to create a platform from scratch and larger dissemination of their courses.


Translation on demand


All teaching materials (lesson plans, teacher guidelines, animations, simulations, videos, online courses) from public funded STEM projects included in the Scientix portal with a license Creative Commons ( allowing derivatives (i.e. modifications and derived works) are eligible for translation on demand.


Teaching materials are included in Scientix in whichever language they are available from the projects. If the material is eligible for translation on demand, teachers can request its translation to any of the 24 official EU languages. Once 3 requests have been received for a given translation (e.g. 3 teachers request the translation of material Z into Croatian) the resource is translated by official / native translators for free (i.e. Scientix covers the translation costs). The translated materials are then added to the Scientix portal and the authoring project may publish the translated materials in their own website as well.


Benefits for projects: larger dissemination of resources, translation for free of teaching materials.





Participate in the Scientix networking events for STEM education projects
With the aim of creating a community amongst publicly funded projects in science and maths education, Scientix must encourage and facilitate communication amongst the project managers and experts of currently funded projects. The communication between projects will facilitate networking in the European science education field and the sharing of information on the work carried out to ensure collaboration and agree on common plans, where possible.


The networking events – organised quarterly – will bring together project coordinators, managers and other representatives, from European and national science education projects. The goal is to allow projects to share and exchange their experiences, present their work, or start new collaborations. Each of these events will be centred on different issues or challenges faced by the projects. Dates, programme and other information will be regularly published on the Scientix website and projects are encouraged to suggest a topic or a venue.


Benefit for projects: disseminate own activities, exchange experiences, learn from other similar projects and find synergies.



The Scientix Online Meeting Room


Scientix aims to facilitate the work of the different public funded science education projects. One of the new services of Scientix 2 is that it offers projects the possibility to carry out online meetings using the “Scientix online meeting room”.


Any project included in the Scientix repository can request to schedule an online meeting for up to 200 participants at once via:


Benefits for projects: carry out private management meetings online without having to get (pay) for the tool; organize webinars or chats for teachers, students, other stakeholders (both public and private).




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