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2014 European CanSat Competition

ESERO Ireland is calling on secondary school students around the country to register a team for the 2014 European CanSat competition. The challenge is quite simply to build a CanSat or mini rocket – a simulation of a real satellite integrated within the volume of a soft drinks can. The national final of this competition will take place on March 22nd in Birr Castle.

Futher details can be found here


Quizzem: A new educational game, designed by Irish Science Teacher, Niamh Parkinson

Quizzem is designed to make revising for exams not just easier, but lots of fun too! Based on a traditional style board game, players move around the virtual board by answering questions correctly. The first to finish is the winner.

The main idea behind Quizzem is to promote cooperative learning and to facilitate ‘learning together’.  It is also specifically geared to improve literacy and numeracy skills of learners and appeals to various learning styles.

 “I developed Quizzem as I felt there was a need for more mobile teaching/learning resources that are mapped to the Irish Curriculum. As a teacher myself, with a history in the Graphic Design industry, I have a real passion for technology in education and always loved developing creative resources for my classes.

 For me Quizzem is the ultimate educational resource for Teachers, Students and Parents as it solves many problems for these three groups of people. For Teachers, Quizzem facilitates group work, tackles literacy and numeracy, is curriculum aligned and provides a record of students’ performance. For Students Quizzem is both educational and fun, can be played with friends or family and appeals to many learning styles.  It also offers feedback to students so that they can reflect on their learning. Finally, Quizzem offers parents the opportunity to get involved in their child’s learning without having to know the curriculum.”

Niamh Parkinson CEO & founder of Quizzem


You can find out more about Quizzem at www.quizzem.com or take a look at Quizzem’s facebook page for some photos and testimonials from students who have tried the app www.facebook.com/quizzem. Download and print the Quizzem poster for your classroom here if you would like to let your students know about this fantastic Iriah app



Disposal of Radioactive Chemicals

The CDETB Curriculum Development Unit on behalf of DES and on the recommendation of RPII is establishing an inventory of radioactive materials in all Post Primary Schools. All schools whether of not they have radioactive materials should log on and complete this on-line survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/doram using the password disactive13 as soon as possible. This opportunity to have radioactive materials removed will be available for a limited period only. Any school not wishing to dispose of their radioactive materials under this DES initiative will be obliged, due to the enforcement of EU Council Directive 2011/70/EURATOM, to pay from their own funds more onerous disposal charges.

Email aidan.clifford@cdu.cdetb.ie for more information. Phone: 01-4989500 Mobile: 087-2908537



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Safety and Health in the Science Laboratory for Teachers  


Get Safe - Work Safe: A Workplace Safety and Health for Senior Cycle Students