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Training for School Personnel


The PDST provide Child Protection training for the school's Designated Liaison Personnel. This training takes the format of one full-day seminar, and takes place in local Education Centres. To book Child Protection Training for your DLP and DDLP, please click here. 


The PDST have just completed a national roll-out of one-day seminars on the Revised Stay Safe and Walk Tall programmes. These seminars took place in Education Centres nationwide, and two teachers from each school were invited to attend, with sub cover provided for both. 


The PDST are currently offering in-school support to schools in both Child Protection and the Revised Stay Safe programme. To avail of this in-school support, please click here. 



Best Practice in Child Protection: Guidance for Schools

The overall aim of this booklet is to assist schools in developing a comprehensive Child Protection Policy which addresses appropriate educational provision, procedures for dealing with concerns and/or disclosures of abuse and child protection practices in operation in the school

Download the Best Practice in Child Protection: Guidance for Schools here. 


The Revised Stay Safe Programme contains the following components:

  • Teacher's Handbook (including an overview of the revised programme, instructions for implementing and teaching the programme, relevant references, links and a sample letter for parents). 
  • Lessons for Junior Infants / Senior Infants (including worksheets)
  • Lessons for 1st / 2nd Classes (including SPHE curriculum links and worksheets)
  • Lessons for 3rd / 4th Classes (including SPHE curriculum links and worksheets)
  • Lessons for 5th / 6th Classes (including SPHE curriculum links and worksheets)
  • Additional Teaching Materials (including audio and visual clips etc)


The Stay Safe programme is available as Gaeilge - Bi Sabhailte. 


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