Living Things

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Living things


  Lesson ideas per content objective  

Infant classes

Plants and animals



Third and fourth class

Plants and animals

Human life

First and second class


Plants and animals


Fifth and sixth class

Plants and animals

Human life

Curriculum Exemplars

Plants and Animals

Exemplar 11: Initiating observations in the outdoor environment

Exemplar 12: Observing and recording in the natural environment

Exemplar 13: Developing observation through questioning

Exemplar 14: Exploring, observing and recording plants in a habitat

Exemplar 15: Classifying and identifying living things

Exemplar 16: Investigating a freshwater pond

Human Life

Infant and junior classes

Exemplar 35: Human variety and characteristics

Exemplar 37: Human life processes

Middle and senior classes

Exemplar 36: The body's internal organs

Exemplar 38: Human life processes

Exemplars for each strand unit are available on the NCCA website

Useful resources for living things

Suitable for all class levels

A list of possible habitats

Tips for habitat studies

Prior to habitat visit

During the habitat visit

After the habitat visit

Observing and recording habitats

Observing in the outdoor environment

Living things: Indoor and outdoor activities

Freshwater habitat investigation

Seashore habitat investigation

Tree Trail booklet

Tree Trail activities

Minibeast Hunt: InTouch article

Seasonal Scavenger Hunts

Investigating the seashore: InTouch article

Making a model of teeth using marshmallows