Online Resources


Here is a list of some useful websites and apps which can be used to promote and develop whole-school numeracy capacity. Click here to download a PDF version of the lists.



              A good selection of graphic organiser templates and suggestions for use. Useful for promoting                                                                                 problem solving strategies. Group work and AFL ideas also.

 Useful problem solving exercises.

NRICH is a team of qualified teachers who are also practitioners in RICH mathematical thinking.

Real life applications of mathematics

Ideas from Dr. Sean Delaney on  how parents can best help their children with their mathematics 

Online educational video games 

Word puzzles e.g. Why is a manhole cover round? 

IXL is aligned to the Irish national curriculum.

Short versions of free Maths games. Students can play full length versions for free if you create a school account and issue them with logins. 

Resources for various strands available. Scroll down to grades 9-12 for second level resources. 

Very good quizzes and tests against the clock. 

Interactive geoboard 

A collection of educational worksheets, lesson plans, activities and resources for teachers and parents 

Puzzles in language, logic and linguistics

Access to JCSP numeracy resources

Puzzles, games and worksheets

Useful resources for all subjects

Maths resources for teachers, parents and students.

Mathematical literacy tool

An animated dictionary









School Apps


Here is a list of some useful apps which can be used to support whole school numeracy development:


King of Maths: Very good for mental arithmetic

Maths Quiz Gameshow​: Quizzes on various mathematics topics

Digiwhiz: Very good for number fluency


5 Dice: Exercises combining five numbers and operations to reach a target number

Wolfram Algebra-Course Assistant: Multi-representational approach to algebra

Wolfram Pre-Algebra Course Assistant: Multi-representational approach to algebra

Maths Bingo: Good for basic arithmetic

Algebra Touch: Demonstration of basic rules of addition/subtraction

Fraction Basic: Lessons based on different aspects of fractions

Tangrams: Good for puzzles and shapes

Math Gr5: Topics such as number and operations, fractions and measuring etc. are included

Conundra Math: Exercises combining three numbers and operations to reach a target number


NumberGame: An App which combines foreign languages and the numbers 1-10