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Jewish Studies is a new subject in the junior cycle.  In the rationale for the syllabus, the subject is related to the area of social, political, and environmental education.  Jewish Studies contributes to the students’ growing understanding of the social, cultural and religious forces that have shaped the world they live in.


The Jewish Studies syllabus seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of different beliefs, peoples and cultures and a tolerance and respect for the values and beliefs of all.  In the context of an increasingly diverse culture, it is important that young people have an understanding of a variety of cultural and religious traditions encountered not just in Ireland but in Europe and the wider world.


Jewish Studies also contributes to the development of skills used in a variety of subjects, such as historical and literary investigation, working with evidence, information processing, argumentation, critical thinking and analysis.    Jewish Studies has cross-curricular links with subjects including Civics, Social and Political Education, Religious Education, and History. You will notice in the Teacher’s Section of the website, that the links to sections of other syllabi are outlined.


We are anxious that there would be as much engagement as possible in the development of resources and in creating a vibrant virtual learning environment for all who access this site.  It is in this context that we invite you to contribute any resources, photographs, samples of work, questions, helpful links, or anything which would assist in teaching and learning.  We welcome, particularly, educators, students, members of the Jewish community, anyone who would like to join a virtual learning environment connected to a vibrant, rich and historic tradition.




 DATE: 11-03-14


 Jewish Studies Resources are now available to download in the Curriculum Resource section or alternatively can be accessed by clicking here.



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