Infant Maths

Infant Maths

 Skills-based Learning: Getting Children to Think and Talk Mathematically in the area of Number

This workshop ran over two sessions and targeted teachers of junior and senior infant classes in addition to support teachers.

 The workshop supported teachers in the exploration of:

  • The development and acquisition of mathematical skills in the Number strand
  • Mathematical language as central to instruction
  • Use of appropriate mathematical equipment for infants
  • Problem-Solving as a central methodology
  • Self-reflection on existing practice.

The above elements were explored through the lens of the following areas: 

Sorting, Counting and Numeration, Relationships and Operations, Understanding Number and Addition. The workshops drew from ideas in Ready, Set, Go Maths.

The following resources from the workshops can be printed or downloaded by clicking the links below:

Session slides 1

Session slides 2

Counting Activities

Ready Set Go maths games

Infant Skills checklist

Sample yearly scheme – JUNIOR INFANTS

Sample yearly scheme – SENIOR INFANTS