Innovative PowerPoints

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Innovative PowerPoints

Click on each of the following links to access templates for creative use of powerpoints, all of which have instructions contained within the presentation.  The first link is a completed "Who wants to be a millionaire?" based on Business Documents.  Some of the other templates may be copied into existing powerpoint presenations you have created as learning checks for students. 

Who wants to be a millionaire PowerPoint (Business Documents)

Wordsearch PowerPoint Template is useful for pre-teaching or revision of keywords

Who wants to be a .... PowerPoint Template can be used to revise a particular topic

Who wants to be a millionaire PowerPoint Template replicates the TV game show

Diagram PowerPoint Template is useful for showing a sequence of events

Correct Order PowerPoint Template is useful for revising a topic which has a defined sequence of events

Multiple Choice PowerPoint Template is useful for checking for understanding within an existing presentation

Trivia PowerPoint Template

My Questions PowerPoint Template is similar to multiple choice questions

Picture Reveal PowerPoint Template replicates the method used on the "Catchphrase"  TV show.  Useful for visual learners. Can be used with keywords


Suggestion: Why not set Transition Year students the task of creating topic-by-topic resources from these templates?