Literacy Link Day 2

Literacy Link Teacher Day 2


Below you will find the supporting materials Literacy Link Day 2.


Many of you asked for the 'Explicit Instruction Model' and so we have attached it also as a PDF file that could be displayed in your classroom. Click here to download.


An outline of the four steps of explicit instruction have also been uploaded for you to share with your colleagues.Click here to download guidelines. 


We wish you all the best of luck.


Here is our presentation for Literacy Link Day Two



Resources from Day 2


Graphic Organiser

Reflection Template and Circle of Concern

Semantic Map and Peer Teaching

Cooperative and Group Role Cards

Vocabulary Vignettes and Graphic Organiser

Vocabulary Guidelines and Prefixes

Martin Luther Text

Speaking and Listening Checklist

Reading Checklist

Vocabulary Knowledge Checklist

Writing Checklist

Calendar of meetings

Literacy Link Minutes and Agenda Template

Common Greek and Latin Morphemes

Morphemes in Science

Website referred to on the day