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The strand units of the Games curriculum include:

  • Sending, receiving and travelling
  • Creating and playing games
  • Understanding and appreciation of games

Emphasis in the Games programme should include the development of skills, the creation and playing of games and the understanding of games.  Traditionally, there has been an emphasis on ‘playing the game’ or practising skills in isolation from the game, and the curriculum endeavours to link the practice of skills with playing a small sided game.

The games programme should provide opportunities for children to develop skills and understanding through enjoyable individual, small group and team activities.

Playground games help the child to move effectively and to interact with others. These are included in the strand unit ‘creating and playing games’.


Children should experience a balance of skills and games in a number of categories:


Invasion Games

Net Games














Velcro Darts






The approaches and methodologies for PE, outlined in the PE ‘Teacher Guidelines’ on pages 42 -100 are an excellent reference for teachers in organising Games lessons.

A guided discovery approach in a unit of work in games is outlined on p44

Use of a play area divided into grids an a games lesson is outlined on p54

A unit of work in games outlining a six week programme of work for third and fourth classes is outlined on pp 86-87

A unit of work in games outlining a six week programme of work for fifth and sixth classes is outlined on pp 88-89

In addition the PSSI lessons on Games for all class levels are an excellent resource for teachers and outline a comprehensive programme of work specific to each class lesson incorporating a variety of approaches and methodologies across the class levels.

Please find attached further resources to support you in implementing the Games strand:

Active Playgrounds: An article from the ‘In Touch’ magazine to support schools in setting up activities on the playground at break times.

Playground Games progression: A list of playground games suitable for each class level

Co-operative Games in the primary school: An article from the ‘In Touch’ magazine outlining a variety of co-operative and parachute games which can be incorporated into the games and other strands of the PE curriculum

Co-operative Games video footage: Video footage of three co-operative games, ‘Hula Hut’, ‘Bull Ring’ and ‘Traffic Lights’ demonstrated with a fifth class group of children.







Stations: A sample of station teaching ideas for Games from the PE in-service on Games which can be adapted to suit the various class levels.   

Games incorporating the development of ball skills: A selection of games, divided into three levels of difficulty which incorporate ball skills from different sports, while being fun and challenging.

Ball handling skills: A selection of activities for that can be incorporated into the strand units ‘sending, receiving and travelling’ and ‘creating and playing games’.