Civitas Parium - PDST Collaboratives

The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) are committed to our ongoing work as research informed and research engaged teacher educators. 


The PDST Research Committee promotes this research culture across the organisation through facilitating research endeavours core to our work with teachers and school leaders. Drawing upon and harnessing several aspects of our work in recent years; we arrived at a paradigm for the PDST in relation to collaborative professional development. We examined this within the broader corpus of published research and in relation to how this finds expression in the supports we provide for teachers and school leaders.


Resulting from this, we are delighted to present Civitas Parium, a bespoke conceptual framework which serves to empower a focus upon curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation sustained by the overt priority afforded to all learners. We anticipate that this framework will be core to future PDST supports which are underpinned by community and collaborative professionalism.


To access Civitas Parium, visit the Publications section of our website here.