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For consistency within the PDST Website and also to provide for ease of access; this page contains Official Documentation relating to Physical Education and consists of, for example, the following: Syllabus Guidelines, Circular Letters, Application Forms, Equipment List, Room Layout, Teacher Guidelines, state examination papers/marking schemes, etc.


Circular 0051/2015  Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles in Post-Primary schools.



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Get Active! - Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport for Children and Young People. A Guiding Framework

"This guide is intended as an enabling framework which opens the way to further  developments involving a deeper level of cooperation across agencies, in the interest of children and young people. It is a framework which organisations and individuals involved in the promotion of physical education, physical activity or sport can use according to their needs. The guide is not prescriptive or exhaustive in detail as its purpose is more about encouraging dialogue and generating new ideas which act as a catalyst for action" - Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Foreword to Get Active

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Get Active - A Guiding Framework       Healthy Ireland Initiative                Junior Cycle Syllabus



Get Ireland Active                            Framework for Junior Cycle 2015    Health Promoting Schools 



Additional Circulars/Other documentation


Physical Education: PHASE 3 of the Revised Syllabus at Junior Cycle Level

Physical Education: PHASE 2 of the Revised Syllabus at Junior Cycle Level


Parliamentary Question on Third level Physical Education Facilities