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Welcome to the CURRICULUM RESOURCES section for Junior Cycle Religious Education.   


Section A - Communities of Faith
Part 1 - Community
Part 2 - Communities at Work
Part 3 - Communities of Faith
Part 4 - Relationships between Communities of Faith
Part 5 - Organisations and Leadership in Communities of Faith


Section B - Foundations of Religion - Christianity
Christianity: A revision sheet for Christianity
Part 1 - The Context
Part 2 - Evidence about Jesus
Part 3 - The Person and Preaching of Jesus
Part 4 - The Death and Resurection of Jesus
Part 5 - Faith in Jesus


Section C - Foundations of Religion - Major World Religions
Part 1 - The Context
Part 2 - Sources of Evidence
Part 3 - Rites of Passage and Other Rituals
A worksheet on a rite of intiation in Judaism
Part 4 - Development of Tradition
Part 5 - Tradition, Faith Practice Today


Section D - The Question of Faith
Part 1 - The Situation of Faith Today
Factors that can influence religious belief and practice
Part 2 - The Beginnings of Faith
Part 3 - The Growth of Faith
Part 4 - The Expression of Faith
Part 5 - Challenges to the Faith


Section E - The Celebration of Faith
Part 1 - The World of Ritual
Exploring Sacredness
Part 2 - The Experience of Worship
Part 3 - Worship and Response to Mystery
Part 4 - Sign and Symbol
Part 5 - Prayer
NCCA Guidelines re higher level requirements
Using adapted visual verbal squares
Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Solution
Wordsearch Puzzle
Wordsearch Solution
RTAI Presentation
Faithless God is a DJ
James Blunt - No Bravery
Lean on Me - Chantz
Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful World
Mary Mary - Shackles (Praise You)
Simon Webbe - Lay your hands
U2 - All Because of You
U2 - Yahweh
Spike Milligan speaks about God
Jim Irwin 'To Rule The Night' (adapted)
Brendan Kenelly 'Poem From a Three Year Old'
Paragraph-style question
Short-essay-style question


Section F - The Moral Challenge
Part 1 - The Introduction to Morality
Part 2 - Sources of Morality
Part 3 - Growing in Morality
Part 4 - Religious Morality in Action
Part 5 - Law and Morality



Journal Work
Journal Work Checklist
Journal Work Sample